Friday, May 26, 2017

Friday's Good Vibe 5

Well hello, sweet friends, we’re back with a dose of fun, the Good Vibe 5. Happy Friday, everybody!

No. 1 

What an awesome entry in our Power and Spark “Frame It Up!” Challenge from kerry2 on Splitcoast! Kerry really rocked a multi-level color palette with thoughtful details throughout, and the star of the show is our Cuppa Buttercups digi. The challenge ends on Wednesday... so you still have ample chances to make a few cards to enter. Did you know that you might win $50 to spend at Power Poppy? Read the challenge details here — and give it a whirl.

No. 2 

California girl Tosha Leyendekker found the most decadent bunch of sweet peas at a nearby strawberry stand, and simply had to have them! We understand completely, having fresh flowers inside can make all the difference... just walking past them on the countertop brings a lift to your spirits. Can you get out your Sweet Memories or Sweet Pea Show stamps this weekend and infuse the petals with these juicy shades? 

No. 3 

If you’re into loads of petals and oodles of coloring choices, then our Gerbera Daisies stamps are right up your alley! In clear and the digital format, Gerberas are our Weekend Stamp Steal! Check out inspiration galore using these sets. No code needed for these special offers.

No. 4 

Be sure to check out this highly watchable watercolor tutorial by our marvelous Instant Gardener, Jessie Banks. Featuring our French Lilac digi (this one also comes in clear as Lilac Time), Jessie’s techniques are ones you will want to add to your coloring arsenal.

No. 5 

As we wind down the school year with children’s graduations left and right, we think Lisa Johansen (@alcojo94 on Instagram) chose the perfect stamp for her card: Seeds of Today. The color palette of turquoise, chartreuse, and olive green are ideal compliments for the artwork, and the circular die fits this image to a tee. Beautifully done, Lisa!

It’s time to reveal the cards that the Bloom Brigade has been making this week with Power Poppy stamps — something I know we all look forward to seeing! Always such a range of stamps and techniques used, and inspiration from the heart! You are sure to find ideas for your creative weekend from these amazing ladies...

Thank you so much, Bloomies, your every creation is a delight to our eyes.

Feel free to share the images on this page on social media, and as always, we would love for you to tag us!
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- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

A few more quick notes... did you happen to catch our new Tuesday column, Hues to Use? Go check it out and get your color-pickin’ wheels kickin’! Be sure to check back next Tuesday for a whole new palette.

MONDAY: Be sure sure sure to come back by the blog for Allison Cope‘s enlightening episode of Inspire Me Monday. You are not going to to want to miss this one!

And about those digis that I was hoping to release... gonna have to wait a few more days, folks, they are not QUITE ready to share with the world. COMING JUNE 5th.... which is also my birthday, tee tee, we’ll have a FEW very special digis to introduce for your coloring pleasure! Thank you for hanging on out there...

And to close, I wish you and your family a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, filled with extreme gratitude and reverence for those who have given their lives to defend our freedom and preserve our way of life.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

INTRODUCING.... Hues to Use!

Hello Peeps —Top of the mornin’ to you all!  You know those colors that just SING to your heart? The ones that make that small corner of your mouth just start to move upward -— so much so, that before you know it you're in a full-blown SMILE mode? Well folks, Tuesdays at ‘The Blog’ are about to get a whole lot more colorful and creative!


Because we are about to unleash a color intervention with our brand new feature.....

We’ll take a trigger from Marcella’s own Instagram and spark a wash of color with our HUES TO USE post each Tuesday! I have to say the graphic above just makes me giggle. Only Marcella would pull over to snap a photo of a motel sign —just because the typography moved her! ;-) Just in case you wondered, this mid-century motel on US 62 looks like colorful pieces of candy nestled among the trees and comes complete with an Almond Joy waiting for you on your pillow! Want to get closer to town? Take the trolly service to historic downtown Eureka Springs, Arkansas a mile away. If you’re up for a real challenge, the Joy Motel is actually up for sale! This candy-coated retro goodness could be yours...

Well, after you make that call, get your fingers inky and share these bright and jaunty shades of cool water, antique rust and beam o' sunshine! What are those shades, you say? Just use the photo as your guide and have a little fun in the process!

And just to kick off Tuesday’s “Hues to Use” festivities, here’s a peek at the two — yep two — cards that I made!


Well, when you think sunshine, who can refuse the splash of happy found in Power Poppy's digital stamp set Cuppa Buttercups? I just had to use this little number for this challenge. I colored it up with Copic markers and used Y13, Y00, YR04, YR09, G24, G20, BG11, BG10, BG000 and BV00 and BV0000 to shade underneath the cup. Mat it up with some punchy Stampin' Up papers, add some embellies and bam — done! 

Here’s a close-up! You can’t see it really, but each center of each flower has a little razzle dazzle added thanks to glitter glue! 


For this second card, I was lucky enough to find some arrow decorative paper (also Stampin' Up) in just the right colors to play off the Joy Motel's snappy arrow sign! You can see, this is mostly just an explosion of decorative paper mixed with the Power Poppy stamp set Big Scripts!  I created the drop shadow effect by stamping the word “Hello” first in Morocco Memento Ink and then, I cleaned my stamp and then shifted my stamp and inked it with Straw Vivid ink. Because the stamp is clear, it was easy to see the offset before my ink even hit the paper!

Here's a closeup so you can see what I am talking about! 

And that, my friends, is it! I hope you use these three peppy shades when you create this week! If you do, be sure to link up your creation so I can have a lookie at your craftiness! Can't wait to see YOUR take on HUES TO USE! ;-) Link up your card below and keep the inspiration going!

See you back here real soon!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday's Good Vibe 5

Hey there, have you noticed our new Friday format? Week two of the Good Vibe 5 has arrived, Happy Friday, everybody!

No. 1 

A favorite set for beginners and experts alike, Geraniums Take Two in clear and the resizable Geraniums digital set are our Weekend Stamp Steal! Check out inspiration galore using these sets. No code needed for these special offers.

No. 2 

A peek behind the scenes with Marcella from this week: I spent a few days returning to my painting passion, creating artwork for my son’s fifth grade graduation program. It had been some time since I’d gone from pencil directly to paint (you guys know that I normally ink things up!) and it felt so marvelous. A scene of Milkweed and Monarch caterpillars, chrysalises, and butterflies was a real joy to work on outside in my garden. See my process from pencil to the full color image on my Instagram @marcellahawley.

No. 3 

Get spiked for a high-contrast punch of color, paired with a busy monotone pattern — as Julie Koerber’s new porch pillow shows us, this match-up totally works. Try it on a card this week and see where the pairing takes you...

If you make a card inspired by this image, share with hashtag: #powerpoppymoodboard so we can find you and shower you with love. Or link up your card right here!

No. 4 

Our Power & Spark “Frame It Up!” Challenge is rolling along (heads up that the link-up glitch has been fixed and everyone can upload)! Be sure to take a few moments to visit Irene Rhodes' blog to see her beautiful Hellebores card, framed so elegantly and colored up like a dream.

No. 5 

This can be a challenge for many of us, but when we are able to dig in to the process — really fall in love with the steps it takes to “do the thing” without putting as much emphasis on the outcome — it can become a great source of joy. We only get the time we get. Each hour, each moment. Be present in that time and allow yourself to fall in love with each step. Even if your finished product isn't all you’d hoped for, you are still getting practice, gaining experience, AND you are putting a positive spin on life’s small moments. 

Let’s go see what the Bloomies have in store for us today!! I know there are some super cool cards to see....

Julie Koerber >>see Julie’s take on our Mood Board inspiration

Thank you so much, Bloomies, we love love love you!

Feel free to share the images on this page on social media, and as always, we would love for you to tag us!
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Our new Instant Garden digi has been pushed back a few days (someone was drawing Monarchs for school), so continue to keep yer eyes peeled for something flowery and fun from my drawing table! On tap for Monday, we’ll have an awesome tutorial from Jessie Banks, be sure to pop over. Big love from me to you....

Monday, May 15, 2017

Inspire Me Monday Rewind!

SPECIAL NOTE: Every now and then, look for the Power Poppy blog to rewind back to a fabulous tutorial that just needed an "extra play!" This one, created by Christine Okken back in September of 2014, was so ingenius we thought we'd schedule it for a re-run. And, we are excited to share that this stamp set, Sassy Succulents, is also back in stock! 

Hello Power Poppy Friends!  It’s Christine here with another Inspire me Monday!  

I’m always trying to think of new ways to look at what I have, new ways to creatively use my supplies and colouring mediums to create a different effect.  It makes me feel like I’m getting more “bang for my buck” from my supplies, which is always great.  Today I thought I’d show you something else you can do with your Copic Re-inkers, besides just refill your markers.

Copics and their re-inkers are alcohol based so you can achieve a gorgeous polished marble effect on vellum.  

I began with these supplies:  Power Poppy’s beautiful set Sassy Succulents cardstock vellum, VersaMark ink, an embossing buddy, gold embossing powder, Copic Blending Solution, Copic Re-inkers (here I have BG11, YG03, YG61),  some scrap paper and a clean sponge.  

The first step is to wipe the embossing buddy all over the vellum cardstock.  This is a really important step because without it, vellum will be really staticky and your embossing powder will stick everywhere you don’t want it to!  Next,  I stamped the hen and chicks image from the stamp set with VersaMark ink and embossed it all in gold.  Gold is still very trendy and I thought would work wonderfully with this technique.  

Next, make sure your vellum piece is on some scrap paper, with the embossing face down toward the scrap paper.  Then, onto your clean sponge add a couple of drops of re-inker, here I’ve used YG03.  

Now you can dab the colour from the sponge onto the vellum where you’d like it.  I wanted it to give some green to the succulents so that’s where I dabbed it.  If your sponge dries out too much, add a drop or so of Copic Blending solution and sponge away again, or add another drop of re-inker.  

Next, take your darker colour of re-inker and do the same, sponging on colour.  Because the surface of your paper is damp, the vellum will resist the colour a little and it will pool and move nicely.  What I did next was take the re-inker and add a drop here and there directly on the vellum where I wanted more concentrated colour.  Vellum very much mutes the effect of the colour so you definitely want to use stronger colours so they’ll show up.  

Then finally I added in some “background” BG11 soft bluey-green, straight  from the re-inker onto the empty areas allowing it to move and pool because the paper was damp.  This all goes quite fast.  

Once that step is done, you’ll need to let the page sit for a bit to dry.   I think I let mine dry for about 15 minutes.  It will remain slightly tacky on the colourful side, but because it is alcohol ink it shouldn’t spread or stain.  

Here’s what the finished card looks like.  You can see that I carefully added some pointillism dots on the embossed side of the vellum to tie it all together, being sure not to touch my Copic marker to the gold embossed areas so I wouldn’t damage my marker nib.  Can you see the lovely “seams” between the colours?  It has a very soft impressionistic effect.  

Something important about vellum is that because it is relatively transparent it will show any adhesive you’ve added to the finished design, so on the upper edge of the card, I’ve sewn the layers together;  then I’ve strategically placed a sentiment and accents on the card where I add adhesive underneath and the embellishments hide it.  When your vellum layer lays tightly onto a white background layer it really shows off the colouring more effectively.  

A very quick and lovely technique making a great use of your Copic Re-inkers.  Give it a try!  

Thanks for joining me today!  

Friday, May 12, 2017

Friday's Good Vibe 5

Hello my friends! It’s a big day around here, and I’m super stoked to serve up a hardy helping of goodness for you. Welcome to our new column: Good Vibe 5. Each Friday, you’ll find five bite-sized bits of fun from the Power Poppy camp, featuring insight and inspiration from our cherished contributors, the Bloom Brigade and Instant Gardeners, the latest news and sneak peeks from Marcella Hawley, swoon-worthy customer creations, and of course, special sales and promotions.

Keep scrolling to check out this week’s selections, and stay tuned, each week we’ll shake up the topics, sharing a myriad of ideas and fresh musings. PLUS we’re adding even more content to our daily blog posts to spark vibrant living all week long. We can’t wait to see what you think.

No. 1 
Our Bloom Brigade designers select a customer’s card to share with the world. 

When the Bloom Brigade’s Julie Koerber came across the work of Amy Shulke of Vanilla Arts Co., she was awed by Amy’s jubilant, realistic coloring. So artistic and lifelike. But even better? Amy also teaches Copic classes, and this May is offering one where she teaches you to shade “Tender Yellows” using our Daffodils stamp. Check out her brand new website,, where Amy teaches online classes to help you “paint” with markers like the artist you are!

No. 2 
Sweet thoughts, ponderings, and affirmations to wake up your weekend.

With Mother’s Day coming up this Sunday, we get caught up in a swirl of thought about our relationship with the most special of ladies, our mamas, grandmamas, and cherished caretakers. Marcella has gone back to the basics of motherhood with this little quotable. As natural as the air we breathe and the water we drink. Moms give love. Nuff said.

No. 3 
Awaken weekend creativity by making a card or creation inspired by an intriguing image.

Quick, look down! There could be something exotic and beautiful right under your feet. Floors, from mosaic tile to captivating kilims, are the subject of the Instagram tag #ihavethisthingwithfloors. Spend some time scrolling through this hashtag and you may not resurface for a while, there are so many beautiful images taken by peeps throughout the world. We selected this shot of tilework in the Philippines, and would love to see you integrate this vibe somehow in your cardmaking. Whether it’s the colors (golden yellow, jade green, navy, and white) or the geometric shapes, or merely the repetition of the tiles ... does this get you thinking outside the box (and above the floor)? 

If you make a card inspired by this image, please share with the hashtag: #powerpoppymoodboard so we can find you and shower you with love. Or link up your card right here!

No. 4 
Show us your sassy skills in our monthly challenge... you could win a $50 shopping spree.

An announcement: Kathy Jones’ Power & Spark “Frame It Up!” Challenge is in full swing — AND — the link-up glitch has been fixed at last. Everybody ’round the world should be able to view and post to the challenge with ease. One of the entrants to May’s challenge is this soft and light-splashed watercolor by Mamie Carson @onejoyyouskip, featuring our Loving Tulips stamp. Mamie even watercolored the paper she used to frame the paint-dappled bouquet. We love it all!

No. 5 
It’s a big deal — here we offer a special price on selected stamp designs for one weekend only, or in this case, a storewide sale so you can save on ALL of your favorites.

This one goes out to anyone who is a mother, has a mother, or knows a mother. Does that cover all y’all? Go find something beautiful to color, carve out special time for yourself, and get savings on top of that. Use code MAMAMIA at checkout to get 15% off everything in stock at Power Poppy, including stamps, digis, and our brand new dies. Enjoy your Mother’s Day, I know you deserve a good one!

Friday will always be a day we look forward to, not only because the weekend is just hours away, but because the ladies of the Bloom Brigade sprinkle their coloring and cardmaking talent across our monitors, laptops, tablets, and smart phones!! Are we the luckiest crew, or what? Each time I see what one of these gals has been making in her craft room, I feel a drive to drag out alllllllll of my stuff and play the day away. I sure hope some of you will do just that! Let’s go see what these Bloomies have made to show us today:

Julie Koerber >>see Julie’s take on our Mood Board inspiration

WHEW!!! What an awesome line-up. Thank you so much to all of the Bloomies!! And thank you to YOU for coming to the Power Poppy blog today. I hope you love our new Friday format. Would you leave us a comment to let us know what you think? I want to make this blog the place you can’t wait to go when you get up Friday morning, or the first thing you check when you get home from work to start your Friday craftapalooza. Let me know how we can do better, I’m listening!

Feel free to share the images on this page on social media, and as always, we would love for you to tag us!

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Our new Instant Garden digi will debut on May 20th (not May 15th, sorry folks), so keep yer eyes peeled for something flowery and fun from my drawing table! Take good care and sending a big squeeze your way!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Inspire Me Monday: Fun with Masks!

Hello everyone!  Allison here!  Let’s get started on another fun episode of Inspire Me Monday for Power Poppy!

Today we’re going to be having some fun using some of our new stamp sets and their amazing new coordinating dies.  If you are not already aware, we have four of our 8 new stamp sets that have coordinating dies to go with these sets.  These stamps include the Natural Beauties (& their dies), Loving Tulips (& their dies), Peony Muse (& their dies) and finally, Succulent Singles (& their dies).

So join me in my craftroom and let’s go play with some stamps and dies!  Let’s get inky!

And once again, here is the final card I created using the panel we made.

To achieve the look of my final card, I die cut a rectangle from the center of the panel, attached a black cardstock mat and adhered with some foam adhesive to bump up that central panel.  I also included a fun white embossed sentiment from the same Succulent Singles stamp set.

I decided to share one more fun card using the same die cutting and masking technique.  This time, I used the beautiful Peony Muse stamp set and dies to stamp, mask and ink.  I decided to go a little darker with my color palette and used some fun Ranger Distress Oxides to create that dappled & speckled back ground.

I used my water mister and some white acrylic paint to get the cool back ground before I removed my masks.  And as one final touch, I added some rhinestones and some sparkle to all the berries and blooms…

Thanks for joining me too!  I hope you too give this tutorial a try.  I know you'll love the process and the end result!

Have fun creating!

~ Allison Cope ~


Cool Chick
stamps:  Power Poppy (Succulent Singles)
dies:  Power Poppy (Succulent Singles Coordinating Dies), Simon Says Stamp (Stitched Rectangles)
ink: Catherine Pooler Designs (Garden Party, Bellini, Sweet Sixteen, It’s a Girl, Mint to Be), Versafine (Onyx Black), Versamark, Copic Multi-liner (0.05)
cardstock:  Catherine Pooler Designs (Smooth 100# White), Recollections (Black, White – card base)
embossing powder: Stampendous! (Detail White)
sequins: Studio Katia (Summer Fusion)
tools: Inadinkadoo (Stamp Masking Paper)

Love and Light
stamps:  Power Poppy (Peony Muse)
dies:  Power Poppy (Peony Muse Coordinating Dies), My Favorite Things (Stitched Ovals Stax)
ink: Ranger Distress Oxide Ink (Faded Jeans, Broken China, Wilted Violet, Worn Lipstick), Versafine (Onyx Black), Sakura (White Gel Pen), Wink of Stella (Clear)
cardstock:  Catherine Pooler Designs (Smooth 100# White), Recollections (White – card case)
rhinestones: Studio Katia (Sparkling Crytsals - Mix)
tools: Inadinkadoo (Stamp Masking Paper)
paint: Delta (White Acrylic)

Friday, May 5, 2017

Our May Challenge: Frame It Up!

Hello all and welcome to another fun-filled Friday here on the Power Poppy blog. Listen up peeps, we have SO much going on that we actually have TWO posts for your viewing pleasure. Why, you say? Well because today is the 5th of the month, that means that we have a brand new 'sprout' in our Instant Garden. To take a peek at what’s in store, just click HERE to see one of Marcella’s remixed illustrations, perfect for springtime cards, which you can download and color right away.

But while you're here, it's time to get your flame stoked for cardmaking in the month of May. Our latest Power & Spark Challenge is hosted by the most fab Aussie we know - Ms. Kathy Jones

HOW TO PLAY: This challenge is just as it sounds — it's all about FRAMES. Just hear what Kathy has to say about her challenge to us all:
“This challenge is as easy as Framing It Up! Simply frame your image on a card, decorate a frame or frame your stamped piece as a bit of home decor!”
And if you would like a little eye candy to help inspire your own work, Kathy created some charming cards to start us off. Just check out her creation below using Power Poppy’s Artful Display.  I love the pretty-in-pink accents and how sweetly all the plates and platters are framed up "just so!" ;-)

Before we move on to Friday’s especially bloom-tastic link list featuring our beloved Bloom Brigade design team, take a second to check out all the official details below and... Power Poppy has UPPED THE ANTE when it comes to the winnings for this little challenge! Now, instead of winning a stamp set, one lucky random winner will take away a...


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

  • Use Power Poppy stamps if you have them. If not, it is a great way to win some! 
  • Link your creation below using our Linky (please use the exact URL from your post instead of a generic blog address.)
  • Please mention Power Poppy in YOUR blog or gallery post with a link back to THIS challenge
  • Winner will receive a $50 SHOPPING SPREE TO THE POWER POPPY SHOP! 
  • Enter as many cards as you’d like, as long as they fit the theme of the challenge!
  • Deadline to enter is May 31 @ 8:00 PM EST. At that point, we’ll draw the winner randomly and make the announcement right here on the first Friday in June. 
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

When we usher in a new challenge, we get to share who the lucky stamper was in our previous month’s challenge! SO MANY AWESOME ENTRIES!!! We loved seeing you all jump into April’s Pick-A-Sketch and blow your creativity to the next level. worked its magic, spun all the numbers around in the number generating bucket and picked...

Which means our winner for April is...


Check out Janine's jaunty card using Power Poppy's Easy Breezy Coneflowers digital stamp set. I love the muted colors and how she accented the background with stamped or stencilled accents plus a bit of bling as well.

Congrats Janine! Simply shoot us an email at and we'll send YOU a $50 gift code to the Power Poppy shop!  

Now, as promised, those ladies you love to visit.... THE BLOOMIES! Just click on through our linky list and see what kinds of wonderful they've been up to!

Kathy Jones >> stop by to see Kathy’s second card!

And that is it for now from us dear friends! On Monday, the fabulous Ally Cope will be in the house for another episode of Inspire Me Monday. Just to tease you, want a little sneaky peek of what she has in store?

She's got something super crafty up her sleeve this week -- playing with inks, and water and masks. That girl, I swear, she is just a creative genius.

Don’t forget to take a peek at the newest digital stamp set, debuting today, with more cards by our design team members.

Enjoy your weekend, and thank you for spending a bit of your day with us!